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Your IT partner within Defense & aerospace

The Defense & Aerospace domain is characterized by many very specific applications that are often unique and completely tailored to the customer’s operational use. TriOpSys Defense & Aerospace is your system integrator who helps to clarify your question and realizes the total turnkey solution for you. We are active in Defense, Space, Aviation and Weather & Climate and have specific domain expertise in Air Traffic Management, military C2 systems and simulators, data processing / big data and climatic systems. 

For whom?

Within our Defense & Aerospace business unit we focus on the following market segments:


Space travel


Weather & climate

Our customers

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How can we help you?

Are you dealing with:

We support you in realizing your systems, from concept formations and functional analyses, software & ICT infrastructure development and management with support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our specialized solutions

Software development and system integration

Do you have a complex IT landscape with diverse applications that need to work together seamlessly? And do new developments and legislation constantly require modernization and adjustment?

Data Processing Defense & Aerospace

Data Processing: from sensor to viewer. Are you dealing with large amounts of data and/or scientific algorithms? Do you want to be able to collect, edit and share this data with third parties?

Advice on the interfacce between your domain and IT

For functional questions, the renewal of old systems or if you need independent advice on the interface between your domain and IT.

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Explanation about the people of Defense & Aerospace

Explanation about the people of Defense & Aerospace

The people of TriOpSys Defense & Aerospace are not only excellent professionals in IT, they also have deep involvement in the customer domain and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. They are a substantive extension of the customer and full-fledged discussion partner.

Our drive is to see your operational systems in practice.

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Why TriOpSys

TriOpSys provides advice on, builds and manages mission critical IT systems of organizations where every second counts. We do this with a team of certified specialists, all of whom have extensive experience in cloud, security, monitoring and control services.